Tozer on the Almighty God: A 365-Day Devotional

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Title: Tozer on the Almighty God: A 365-Day Devotional
By: A.W. Tozer, Ron Eggert
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 432
Dimensions: 8.02 X 6.15 X 0.88 (inches)
Weight: 1 pound 1 ounce
ISBN: 1600667988
ISBN-13: 9781600667985

Tozer on the Almighty God is a 365-day devotional that dwells on the awesomeness of the Almighty God.

Tozer was a man who walked closely with God, who prayed often and shunned distraction so he could gaze more purely upon Him. In these daily meditations on Scripture, Tozer urges you to do the same. He will stir you toward humility and full surrender. He will expand your faith in a God so great that words fall short to describe Him. He will nourish you with truth.

With each page, may your heart be filled and your worship increased.