Thrive: Journey Into Grace

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Thrive: Journey Into Grace



Life is not always easy.

You might be a young wife struggling to balance your career and home life. Or maybe you’re a single mom trying to figure out how to provide for your children. Perhaps you are a middle-aged woman wondering, “Do I have the strength to make it through the next half of my life?”

Feeling alone? You’re not.

Like you, many women are battling with the same feelings of inadequacy,insecurity, even hopelessness. They, too, are realizing that in this journey, it takes more than grit to thrive. The truth is that every woman, young or old, needs grace—God’s grace.

Join Darlene, Bonnie, and Luisa as they take you through their own unique journeys through life. In this book, you will meet three women who are learning what it truly means to walk with God. They do not claim to be contemporary Proverbs 31 women who are perfect in every way. Instead, they are real women who are honest enough to tell you about their good and bad days.Darlene says, “Our prayer is that these readings, these snippets of truth we’ve stumbled upon in our quiet moments with Him, will encourage you to press into Him daily as you travel your own journey into grace.”

There are many devotionals for women but what makes this different is that three women are talking to readers. These women write from their own unique perspectives, talking about their relatable experiences and providing practical and godly wisdom from God’s Word.