Slaying the Joy Snatchers

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ISBN: 9789710098927
Author: Justine Hail

Illustrator: Ce Manalang

What steals your joy? In this devotional, you will meet 40 different joy-snatchers. Their mission: For you to have a defeated and joyless life. You could surrender, run away, or beat them! Learn how to slay joy-snatchers with the help of key verses from the book of Philippians and bite-sized reflections by Justine Hail. Write about your daily struggles and pray to Jesus to help you win the battle against negative thoughts and feelings. Remember: In His power, you can slay your joy-snatchers day by day!

Slaying the Joy-Snatchers is a 40-day devotional that helps readers overcome 40 joy-snatchers using verses from the Book of Philippians. The book includes simple comic strips and illustrations that add an extra dimension to the reflections.

This devotional is for readers 13 years old and above. 



JUSTINE HAIL is the author of the Shy Shelly series. She served as a campus missionary right after college and attended Bible School at Tauernhof in Austria. She likes to travel, run, take long walks, edit videos, and watch movies.



CE MANALANG is a bibliophile and a Bible nerd aspirant who prays to God every day for wisdom that she may be able to create a story worthy to be printed into a book someday. Visit her at