PAKITONG-KITONG: A Cebuano Folk Song

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PAKITONG-KITONG: A Cebuano Folk Song

Illustrated by: Harry Monzon

How hard is it to catch a river crab? Harry Monzon interprets the well-loved children’s song, “Pakitong-kitong” as a journey on a fishing boat navigating through the river while trying to catch the little creatures living in the lush mangrove forests of Cebu.

Give the Gift of Song!

At the hour of bedtime, nothing enchants parents and children like the joy of a well-loved folk song. Over a quarter-decade since publishing Bahay Kubo to wide acclaim, Tahanan Books unveils three folk songs sure to enthrall new generations of Filipino families. Carefully selected by musicology expert Dr. Felicidad A. Prudente, each song features regional customs and traditions that showcase the diversity of our islands.

Playful, humorous, at times wistful, these melodies hark back to a time when life was as simple as counting rusty coins, clanging a gong, and catching crabs for dinner. Evocatively illustrated

Size: 8 x 10 in
ISBN: 978-621-422-023-6
Year Published: 2019