Oh Mateo! #05 The Growling Tummy

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Oh Mateo! #05 The Growling Tummy


ISBN: 9789715118408
Author: Grace Chong
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Written by Grace Chong
Illustrated by Beth Parrocha-Doctolero

(Note: This book is written in English with parallel Filipino text)

Follow the adventures of endearing 6-year-old Mateo, a farmer’s son from Umingan, Pangasinan. Teo meets odd people and stumbles into strange situations, but in every encounter his admirable character shines through. Teo’s example inspires children to love God and others in everyday life. Teo's lunch was snatched by Arsab, the fruit-eating dog of the old woman Cion. Teo finds himself tired and hungry, inside Apong Cion's orchard, where he sees his classmates stealing fruits from her trees. He wonders how sweet the atis are from Apong Cion's tree. How will Teo silence his growling tummy and overcome the temptation from his classmates to steal fruits from the old woman?