Mga Kwento ni Tito Dok #13: Yakkk, Bulutong-Tubig!

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Mga Kwento ni Tito Dok #13: Yakkk, Bulutong-Tubig!


ISBN: 9789715119542
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Written by Luis P. Gatmaitan, M.D.
Illustrated by Mark Ramsel Salvatus III

(Note: This book is written in English with parallel Filipino text)

The itchy skin, the spots all over--who can forget chicken pox? Jaycee has always dreaded this sickness. Good thing her cousin Franz can help her get through it. Book 13 of Mga Kwento ni Tito Dok helps kids understand and prepare for chicken pox.

Tackle the basics of the human body and promote good health through stories! “Tito Dok” Luis Gatmaitan, MD makes medical concepts fun and easy to grasp through imaginative tales and amusing characters. Kids learn to value and care for their bodies as God’s creation.