Ikaw Na Ang Maganda

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Ikaw Na Ang Maganda


ISBN: 9789710092819
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 (Note: This book is written in conversational Tagalog-English) 

Sometimes you can’t help thinking, “I want to be beautiful too!” It’s when you see the models on billboards. It’s when you notice wrinkles and greying hair. It’s when you want to be attractive to your boyfriend or husband. How can one become beautiful? That’s not a shallow question. This friendly and honest book will teach you how to enhance your outer at inner beauty. Learn from Malu Tiongson-Ortiz as she shares helpful tips in applying makeup, as well as woman-to-woman advice on how to have lasting inner beauty Learn how to have beauty inside and out. And learn how to make it last. “Real beauty comes from within. This book is from a writer who knows all about it.”
-Kuh Ledesma