A FOR ADOBO An Alphabet of Filipino Food

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An Alphabet of Filipino Food

Written by Nelson Agustin • Translations by JB Cada and Flor de los Santos • Food Notes by Ginny Mata
Illustrated by Nelson Agustin

From the simple tuyo to the lavish paella Valenciana, Nelson Agustín’s alphabet book is a visual feast for the palate. Filipino families around the world will delight in the eye­-popping pictures of beloved and iconic native dishes, and use of the bilingual descriptions and food notes will deepen appreciation of their cultural heritage.

“An alphabetical, gastronomical journey to Filipino food.”—Asian Journal


Bilingual (English and Filipino)

• All ages

• 2010

• 11 x 8.75

• 40 pages

• Full color photography

• ISBN: 978-971-630-164-9